Gem rough is expensive… Why? Is it really? How about some perspective.

The correct answer is that it depends on what part of the equation you are looking at and your perspective.

Here is a story (true) that illustrates what I am talking about. I know a guy that has told me (many times, while complaining about the current cost of faceting rough, and how dealers and miners are gouging poor faceters) that in the “good old days” he bought Pariba Tourmaline for $5/gram. This would be in the early 70’s, when the mine was first producing and they were getting some nice material to market. I told him that was nice (wish I had, had the chance to buy some at that price), and asked him. “How many pieces did you buy?” “Well” he said “I only bought one or two pieces…” “Oh really?” I said “Why didn’t you buy a bunch more, after all it was only $5/gram?” He replied… “Well it was expensive. That was when five dollars was worth something, it was a lot of money.” Yes. Right guys, that is my point. The price of almost anything including gemstones is relative to when you buy