(Previously, I discussed this crystal in an article on calculating how much money you can make from cutting rough).

So, let’s say I’ve bought this aquamarine rough. How do I cut it for the best gem yield?

Take Your Time

Examine the crystal very closely and take your time. Don’t make any fast decisions. If you’re not sure, just give it as long as it takes. Sometimes, I think about a piece of rough for a long time. Once, I mulled over a piece of spinel for a year before I cut it. I finally found the design it needed.

This quality piece of aquamarine will yield very high in about any shape(s) you want. However, you still face a lot of choices. While some depend on the best mass yields, others depend more on what you want to get out of the crystal, particularly what shapes.

Consider the Gem Shapes

gem shape outlines - best gem yieldI say shapes because I often opt for a lower yield to get a shape or design I want or that I know will work especially well for the rough. Some shapes just sell better than others, too. Always consider this factor. I usually try for shapes…