Characteristics of Barion Cut Designs

half moon facetsBarion designs have moon-shaped facets at the girdle. The central part of the design is a brilliant, with all the mains meeting at the same point and the break facets meeting at a different point. A set of fan facets usually connects with the half-moon facets.

If you see a gem with moon-shaped facets around the girdle, you’re likely looking at a Barion design.

Barion Oval

The Advantages of Barion Cuts

Barion cuts allow designers to work with longer length to widths and/or deeper designs, while keeping brilliant designs. The moon facets act as buffers, absorbing the different facet sizes.

If designed correctly, Barion cuts are generally brighter than traditional designs as the L/W ratio increases.

Barions will usually have higher yields than traditional brilliant cuts. They may also require deeper custom settings.

What Types of Gems Look Best With Barion Cut Designs?

Barion cuts work best for lighter colored, larger sized gem rough. Due to their depth, Barions tend to darken the finished stone’s color. They also usually have more facets than a regular design of the same shape. Thus, Barions typically require more work to cut as well as larger rough.…