Signature #4 - amethystSignature #4 - amethyst

Signature #4: Online Faceting Designs and Diagrams

The Signature #4 is Jeff Graham’s favorite trillion cut for light-colored gemstones. This popular design is also fast and easy to cut.

The Signature #4 is Jeff Graham's favorite trillion cut for light-colored gemstones. This popular design is also fast and easy to cut.
Signature #4 - diagram
Signature #4 (radiant trillion) designed by Jeff Graham. © 2000.

You can find cutting instructions for the Signature #4 here.

By Popular Demand

OK, OK, I've had so many people ask me for this design I've decided to put it online. I was going to keep my "Signature Series" unpublished and just cut them myself. Although I'll still keep some unpublished, I'll share some designs with my fellow faceters.

Signature #4 - amethyst
Medium-dark purple amethyst, Signature #4 design, 4.54 cts, 11.77 mm, cut by Daniel Stair. Photo © Dan Stair Custom Gemstones. Used with permission.

My Additional Designs #4: "Money Cuts" book actually contains a modification of this cut. While that one comes pretty close to the Signature #4, here you now have the exact one.

Signature #4 - tourmaline
Signature #4, 8.35 cts, 13 x 8.7 mm, cut from top Nigerian tourmaline by Jeff Graham.

Cutting Remarks

The Signature #4 works great with light-colored materials, especially aquamarine. This design has surprising reflections that help improve color and make the stone interesting. Also, it's fast and easy to cut, which never hurts.

Signature #4 - aquamarine
Signature #4, 1.84 cts, 8.7 x 5.3 mm deep, cut from top Zambian aquamarine by Jeff Graham.

Enjoy cutting your own Signature #4.

Signature #4 - array
Random - Cosine - ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler

Jeff R. Graham

The late Jeff Graham was a prolific faceter, creator of many original faceting designs, and the author of several highly-regarded instructional faceting books such as Gram Faceting Designs.

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