Attention: The First Step to Effective Advertising

Consumers notice advertisements that stand out in a crowd.  To accomplish this with your ad, you’ll need an eye-catching heading and ad design.

How to Write a Heading

An attention-grabbing heading is critical for effective advertising. When people scan ads, they’re usually just looking at the headings. Wording is important. A well-written heading will get people to read the body of the ad.

Check Out Your Competition

Before you choose a heading, look at what your competitors are doing. If their ads start with simple headings like “for sale,” your job will be easy. Gemstone names, like diamond, sapphire, or emerald, grab a reader’s attention. Put them in your heading. If your competitors are using gemstone names, try adding terms like “top quality” or “best prices” to your heading. This will make consumers go deeper into your ad. The better the other ads are, the more creative you’ll have to be.

Use Effective Words

“Free” is one of the most powerful words in effective advertising. This word will make more people read your entire ad than virtually any other heading you can use. If you have anything to offer without cost,…