Selling Stones to a Jeweler

I sold a stone to a jeweler and later found out he made a killing on it… Am I too cheap?

You could be, but usually not. You certainly did not sell it for less than you thought it was worth at the time. Here is just my two cents on the pricing.

What the jeweler is making on a stone he has bought from you, should/is not really be your concern. People always seem to worry about what the other guy is making. What you need to worry about is what are you making? What you need to know is that you are making good money and are happy with the transaction (without knowing what they are making). Worrying about what the next guy is making will just drive you nuts, and likely out of business. If I sell a stone to a jeweler for what I felt was fair market value, say $100 and later find that he sold it for $500. More power to him. He will usually be back wanting to spend the $500 with me. The better he does the better I do. I try to make good money and