Rose Quartz Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Rose Quartz
“Rose Quartz” by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez. Licensed under CC By-SA 3.0.

Rose Quartz Value

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Rose Quartz All sizes
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Rutilated & Tourmalinated Quartz All sizes
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Cabochons /ct
Quartz with Lepidocrite All sizes
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Star Quartz All sizes
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Rose Quartz Information

NameRose Quartz
Is a Variety ofQuartz
Crystallography Hexagonal.
Refractive Index 1.544-1.553
Colors Light to medium pink, sometimes with a violet shade.
Luster Vitreous.
Polish Luster Vitreous.
Fracture Luster Vitreous.
Fracture Conchoidal to uneven, granular in aggregates
Hardness 7
Specific Gravity 2.651
Birefringence 0.009
Cleavage None or indistinct
Dispersion 0013
Luminescence Inert to weak, purple, SW only. X-rays produce faint blue glow.
Wearability Very Good
Transparency Transparent to translucent.
Phenomena Asterism, Tyndall scattering.
Pleochroism Weak to strong, different shades of pink.
Optics o = 1.544; e = 1.553. Uniaxial (+).


Rose quartz receives its coloring from fibrous inclusions of a mineral similar to dumortierite. It is always a light to medium pink, but sometimes is influenced by amethyst and picks up a violet shade. Until the 1980’s, when a new deposit was discovered in Madagascar, it was never found completely transparent. Indeed, one of its best uses is for star cabs and spheres.

Stone Sizes

Rose quartz gems are seldom transparent, especially above 20-30 carats. Large spheres of rose quartz are milky at best.