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How to Match a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

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With so many wedding band options to choose from nowadays, the process can get overwhelming. Start by answering two questions: (1) do you want your rings to be an exact match to each other and, (2) do you want them to be soldered together? After that, you can choose your wedding band design and how you want to style it with your engagement ring.  You can also mix and match style and colors. Have an open mind and try on a few things that you maybe wouldn't ordinarily consider- you may just surprise yourself. And most of all, enjoy the process!
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You're engaged! Congratulations! Now it's time to pick out the perfect wedding band to go with your engagement ring. With so many styles to choose from, it can be tough to filter through all of the options.  To get started, here are two questions to ask  before you begin the process:

1. Do You Want the Wedding Band and Engagement Ring to Match Exactly?

One very common style is to have your wedding band match your engagement ring perfectly. Many companies will have their engagement rings paired with a matching band. This way you can ensure that the diamond sizes match as well as how far down they go on the band. This is a classic option that many brides choose. If you have an engagement ring with a twist or curve, it ensures that there will not be any gaps between the engagement ring and band.

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2. Do You Plan to Solder the Wedding Band to the Engagement Ring?

This is another great question when looking for a wedding band.  It is very common to choose to solder both the band and engagement ring together. It eliminates the issue of the bands spinning and not lining up. In addition, most jewelers will recommend soldering to avoid the rings rubbing and wearing down on each other. But, for others, this is not the best option. Some people choose not to solder because of their profession (i.e. a nurse may choose to wear just her band at work so their gloves do not snag on the engagement ring). And others don't want to solder so they can mix and match bands whenever they want!

There are pros and cons to each decision, but neither is wrong and it should be completely up to you! After you answer those two questions, you can begin to look at the most common wedding band designs and ways to style them.

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Four Most Common Wedding Band Designs and How to Style Them

The Simple Gold or Platinum Band

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A simple gold or platinum band will always be a classic option. It is a great compliment to a solitaire engagement ring and adds that complete look while keeping the focus on the main center stone. Gold or platinum bands are also a fantastic option for someone who wants to wear their wedding band alone sometimes.  For individuals who work with their hands, you won't have to worry about diamonds getting knocked out or rubbing and snagging in gloves. A gold band will never go out of style and will stay with you for anniversaries to come! 

The Diamond Band

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The diamond band is another classic style that has gained popularity and matches almost any ring type. These styles vary in size, how far the diamonds go down the band, and can be either prong set or channel set. A straight diamond band goes nicely with both diamond and solitaire engagement rings.  If you have diamonds down the sides of you engagement ring, start with the band options whose diamonds closely match your engagement ring. It will give you a good indication if you would like to add a little more sparkle, or tone it down a bit.

If pairing a diamond wedding band with a solitaire, start with the smaller diamond bands and work your way up. The diamonds will be a noticeable but classic contrast to your plain gold of platinum solitaire. Try on a few different options to see how much attention you want to bring to the wedding band. Opt for a more petite band if you want it to be subtle, or go for a larger carat weight (0.5 carat or more) to bring more attention to the wedding band.

The Eternity Band

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Eternity bands are a beautiful option for someone looking for a ring that brings attention. With diamonds set all the way around the band, they represent the "never-ending love" between you and your partner. One of the benefits of eternity rings is that they will never be "upside down" or offset with your engagement ring. With diamonds all the way around, they are a great option for those who do not want to solder their rings together as well as not have to worry about the diamonds lining up with each other.

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There are a few things to consider before opting for an eternity band over one with diamonds ½ way or ¾ of the way down the band, though. Eternity bands are very difficult, if not impossible on some occasions, to size. And, because most of the surfaces we lay our hands down on are flat, be sure to choose an eternity band with strong prongs that can withstand wear without the risk of loosing diamonds.

The Stacking Style

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Stacking styles have been gaining popularity for some time now, and for good reason. From marquise with detailed milgrain to twisted bands, one may just not be enough once you get started! If you are looking for a stacking style to go with a diamond pave engagement ring, one with a different diamond shape, like the alternating marquise and round one below, will help highlight both the wedding band and engagement ring. Mixing and matching metals is another great way to give your wedding set a mismatched, but cohesive look. Pair a rose gold stacking ring with a white gold or platinum band to create a modern and unique wedding set. And you do not have to stop at just one: pair different shapes together to see what style fits your personality!

Video of Engagement and Wedding Ring Combinations

Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Sets by Lauren B Jewelry

Trying to find the perfect wedding band can be daunting, but it is important to remember that the process should be fun! Try on a style or two that you wouldn't normally consider and snap a quick picture of each option you like so you can look back at them to see which still stand out.  Think about if there are any specifications that matter to you (like matching diamond size, soldering, etc.) and continue from there!

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