What is a Hearts and Arrows Diamond?

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are precision-cut round diamonds. Because of their exact angles and symmetry, they show a hearts-and-arrows pattern when viewed through a special tool. Arrows are visible from the top of the diamond, and hearts are visible when the diamond is face-down.

The arrows in a well-cut diamond can be seen even without using a special tool. However, you have to see the diamond spot-on to see this pattern, and it’s difficult to capture in images after the diamond is set in jewelry.

Hearts and Arrows Does Not Mean Ideal Cut Quality

It’s important to keep in mind that ideal diamond cuts won’t always exhibit hearts and arrows. Some diamonds with excellent cut grades have imperfect symmetry and lack this pattern, but that doesn’t mean they lack beauty.

Compare this True Hearts™ diamond to a fantastic “Excellent” cut. Both diamonds perform well in spite of differences in their symmetry.

Furthermore, some gimmicky cuts will show hearts and arrows even without proper proportions. Make sure your diamond has a standard, 57-facet round cut, not a company-exclusive cut pattern. Always view a video of the diamond before buying it online to…