Despite peridot’s popularity as a jewelry stone, discerning consumers may find most of this material to be low quality. Many stones have an overly olive color and receive poor cuts and polishes. However, give this gemstone a second look. With custom gem cutting and proper polishing, these beautiful lime and apple green gems will earn your appreciation.

Peridot Buying and the Four Cs

The IGS peridot value listing has price guidelines for faceted pieces.


Peridots come in many shades of green, and only green. The highest values go to gems with yellowish green hue, medium tone, and moderately strong saturation. (For more information on color descriptions, see our guide to GIA color codes).

However, if you like green, you can probably find a peridot that matches the color you want. Peridots can show deep, emerald-like colors as well as almost neon brightness. Different localities produce different shades of green. Consult the information on sources in our peridot gem listing for more information.


Clarity refers to a gem’s transparency and anything that can impact how it transmits light.

Most peridots are usually eye clean. That means they have no inclusions (materials, cavities, or fractures…