emerald and peridot silver necklaceemerald and peridot silver necklace

Do Emeralds and Peridots Look Good Together?

Although emeralds and peridots are both green gems, differences in shade might make it hard to pair them in jewelry. Learn how to look for the right match.

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Question:Do you think emeralds and peridots can be combined in jewelry? I'm interested in designing a unique engagement ring.  I want it to feature my and my fiancé's birthstones — emerald and peridot as accents to a diamond center stone. Would these green gemstones look good together?
emerald and peridot silver necklace
Emerald and peridot silver necklace. Photo courtesy of liveauctioneers.com and Pioneer Auction Gallery.

Answer: Emeralds and peridots can coexist, if you carefully compare their colors side-by-side before purchasing.

Emeralds and Peridots Show Different Shades of Green

Congratulations, Pamela! The most important rule for choosing engagement ring gemstones is they should please you. However, keep in mind that peridot and emerald are different shades of green. Emeralds are medium to dark green. Peridots are light green. Finding two pieces that will complement each other might be difficult.

emerald and peridot ring comparison
(Left) Emerald ring. Photo by Artemas Liu. Licensed under CC by 2.0. (Right) Peridot ring. Photo by topzhang. Licensed under CC By 2.0. (Photos combined for comparison purposes).

Tips for Comparing Emerald and Peridot Colors

Since peridots are relatively inexpensive compared to emeralds, get a few pieces to carry with you while you shop for an emerald. Make sure you compare the stones side-by-side. Don't try to do this based on online pics. Subtle differences in shade can make a considerable difference in the way they look together.

Donald Clark, CSM IMG

cluster earrings - emeralds and peridots
Emerald and peridot briolette cluster earrings. Photo by Natalia Photos. Licensed under CC By-SA 2.0.

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