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Questions About Gems and Jewelry

Is Uranium Glass Safe to Facet?

Uranium glass, or Vaseline glass, is a prized collector’s item and is generally safe to handle. But is it safe to facet? Learn about the potential…

Does Synthetic Jade Exist?

You might find synthetic jade for sale, but is this material really lab-made jade or something else? Learn how to identify synthetic jadeite.

What is a Gem Reflectometer?

What’s the difference between a reflectometer and a refractometer? If you’re interested in studying or buying gems, learn the facts here.…

What is a Chameleon Diamond?

A classic chameleon diamond can change color from green to yellow under certain conditions. Learn more about this process and other color change…

Can Diamonds Burn?

Diamonds may form under intense heat and pressure, but under what conditions can diamonds burn? Learn the science behind a diamond’s fiery end.…

Sphalerite Appraisal

Learn what factors most influence a sphalerite appraisal and what kind of jewelry will best showcase this beautiful gemstone.

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