Sphalerite Appraisal

Learn what factors most influence a sphalerite appraisal and what kind of jewelry will best showcase this beautiful gemstone.

What Is A Reflectometer?

What’s the difference between a reflectometer and a refractometer? If you’re interested in studying or buying gems, learn the facts here.

Opal Jewelry Tips

Opal jewelry is lovely, but aren’t these gems prone to scratching and breaking? Learn the best ways to wear these colorful but delicate stones.

What Is A Rhodolite Gem?

Garnet species are always found as mixtures. Learn what’s distinctive about the rhodolite variety.

Does Chrysoprase Jewelry Fade?

Should you wear chrysoprase jewelry only at night to protect the gem’s striking green color? Learn the facts here.

Why are Topaz and Citrine Gemstones Misidentified?

Learn why citrine gemstones are sometimes misidentified as topaz. A professional appraisal by an independent gem lab is the best way to identify your gems.

Wearing Gemstones That Touch Your Ring Finger For Health

Will wearing gemstones so they touch your finger bring you health benefits? Learn what to look for in a ring stone.

Gemstone Colors And Identification

Did you know most gem species can be distinguished without the element of color? Learn the role gemstone colors play in gem identification.

Do Emeralds and Peridots Look Good Together?

Although emeralds and peridots are both green gems, differences in shade might make it hard to pair them in jewelry. Learn how to look for the right match.

Is Golden Beryl A Good Gem Choice For Jewelry?

Golden beryl, also known as heliodor, can display rich colors and is an excellent gem choice for jewelry. Learn more about this golden relative of emerald.

Is Synthetic Alexandrite Real Alexandrite?

Natural alexandrite is rare, creating a market for synthetics. But are synthetics real alexandrite? Learn about natural, synthetic, and real gems here.

How To Dry Opals Safely

Opals should be handled with care. If you buy opals that have been kept in water, follow these instructions to dry them safely.

Where Can You Find Agate Stones Forming?

Agate stones typically form slowly in the cavities of ancient hardened lava flows. Learn where you can see this process occurring today.

What Is A Chameleon Diamond?

A classic chameleon diamond can change color from green to yellow under certain conditions. Learn more about this process and other color change diamonds.

What Causes Emerald Fractures?

Emeralds get their green color from chromium and vanadium. Learn how the presence of these elements affects their formation and causes emerald fractures.

Recommendations For Polishing Silver Jewelry

These cleaning tips will make polishing silver jewelry a little easier. Learn how to prevent tarnish and how to clean silver and pearl jewelry, too.

Are White Aquamarines Genuine Aquamarines?

Aquamarine is the blue to blue-green variety of beryl. If you encounter so-called white aquamarines, buyer beware. Learn the facts about these gems here.

The Pocket Spectroscope: A Quick Guide For Gemologists

An inexpensive pocket spectroscope can be great for student gemologists as well as pros who need to identify gems while traveling. Learn the basics here.

Is A Lab-Created Emerald A Real Emerald?

What's the difference between a lab-created emerald and a natural emerald? Is a synthetic gem a real gem? Learn the facts before you buy emerald jewelry.

Price and Value: Factory Cut Vs. Custom-Cut Gemstones

How does faceting affect gem value? Custom-cut gemstones are unique pieces and command a high price. Learn how custom cutting compares to factory cutting.

An Introduction To Turkey's Gemstones

Turkey's gemstones include well-known species such as diaspore, chalcedony, and jade, as well as unusual specimens of lesser-known gems. Learn more here.

What Were The Gemstones Of The Breastplate of Aaron?

In Exodus, the breastplate of Aaron was said to hold 12 gems. However, the gemological identities of the stones, like jacinth and sapphire, are debatable.

What Is The Difference Between Chert, Flint, And Mozarkite?

Flint and mozarkite are types of chert. While flint is known for its practical use, mozarkite is a colorful variety of chert that can be made into jewelry.

Reviews of The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Read multiple reviews of the renowned annual February Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, from 2002 to current shows, by both expert and novice gemologists.

Is Uranium Glass Safe To Facet?

Uranium glass, or Vaseline glass, is a prized collector's item and is generally safe to handle. But is it safe to facet? Learn about the potential risks.

Pricing Information For Star Opals From Spencer, Idaho

Some opals from Spencer, Idaho show asterism or the “star stone” effect. Learn how to price these beautiful but rare star opals.

Are Serengeti Rubies Real Rubies?

Although Tanzania is a source of rubies, so-called Serengeti rubies are more likely to be garnets. Learn more about rubies and misleading gem names here.

What Is The Usambara Effect In Gemstones?

The Usambara effect is a gemstone color-change phenomenon distinct from pleochroism or the alexandrite effect. Tourmaline and other species may display it.

Should I Make An Investment In Bargain Rubies?

Do you have an offer for bargain rubies that's too good to be true? Learn what you need to know before you buy and avoid high-pressure sales tactics.

Do Natural Rubies Fluoresce?

Both natural and synthetic rubies fluoresce under UV light. Learn how slight differences in fluorescence patterns can help gemologists distinguish them.

Can Diamonds Burn?

Diamonds may form under intense heat and pressure, but under certain conditions, diamonds burn.  Learn the science behind a diamond's fiery end.

Gemstone Wholesale Prices and the Art of Appraising

Appraising gemstones requires experience and an in-depth knowledge of gems. A list of gemstone wholesale prices is one element used in appraisals.

gem grading code - cut morganite
What Does the GIA Colored Gem Grading Code Mean?

The GIA grading system describes gem color in terms of hue, tone, and saturation. Learn what the abbreviations and numbers of this gem grading code signify.

is this waterworn emerald from the Chivor mine?
Fake News in the Gem Trade: A Waterworn Emerald from Chivor?

A number of online sites have reported on a large emerald, supposedly recently extracted from the Chivor mine in Colombia. However, is this apparently waterworn emerald really from Chivor (and is it really an emerald) or is it just fake news?

bullet and diamonds - conflict diamonds
An Introduction to Conflict Diamonds and the Kimberley Process

NGOs and movies have helped raise awareness of conflict diamonds, and governments have taken steps to stop their trade. How effective are these measures?

ruby & sapphire survey - mozambique ruby ring
Ruby and Sapphire Survey: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Our survey asked for your input on the age-old question: where is the line between ruby and sapphire? The results may surprise you!