Product Review, GemPro 50, Digital Scale

The least expensive digital scale for gem use is now the GemPro 50. It sells for around $150, which is quite a bit less than anything else on the market. I tried one and was pleasantly surprised.

It weighs to 50 carats in .01 increments. I checked the weights on a couple dozen gems I had previously weighed and the scale is accurate. I found it easier to use than my more expensive Vigor. For lack of a better term, there seems to be a better “shock absorber” under the pan. It doesn’t start to weigh until the pan comes to a rest, which means less zeroing of the scale.

This scale comes in a hard case that folds closed for storage. Inside there is a place for the calibration weight and a pair of tweezers. In addition, it comes with a built in wind guard, which is a nice …

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