Product Review, Two Refractometers

Two Refractometers

For decades, the only refractometer I used was a Gem Instruments, Duplex II. This is regarded as the best available in the US. In Europe, the Rayner’s are considered best. Shipping costs prohibit these from being regularly traded across the Atlantic, so most people do not have a choice of brands. However, it is safe to say that these are both top quality manufacturers.

While writing the review on the No Name Brand Refractometer, (see Product Reviews in our Special Features,) I read where the Duplex II is the only refractometer designed specifically for spot readings. The no name brand unit was almost useless at spot readings and I wondered how much the smaller size had to do with it.

As an experiment, I purchased a Rayner Dialdex. It is considerably smaller than the Duplex II and about the same size as the no name brand. Both of these …

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