Void Reaver gem - lab-created alexandriteVoid Reaver gem - lab-created alexandrite

Void Reaver Gem Design for a Lab-Created Alexandrite

International Gem Society instructor Jim Buday takes you through faceting a preformed piece of lab-created alexandrite into a Void Reaver gem design by Arya Akhaven. Watch this video preview of the stunning transformation from preform to polished gemstone.

Check out the full-length video on the International Gem Society YouTube Channel.

About Jim Buday

Jim Buday was born and raised in Wisconsin. He founded the Reddit thread, Shinypreciousgems, which now sits at more than 25,000 members. Recently, Jim started creating his own gem designs.

Void Reaver Gem - rough to finished synthetic alexandrite
Jim Buday walks you through cutting this Czochralski-pulled synthetic alexandrite preform (left) into a Void Reaver gem (right). Photo © Jim Buday, Shinypreciousgems.

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