Certification Course Syllabus

The IGS gemology course is a self-study program. There are no time requirements.  You can study at your own pace. All of the information you need is on our website.

Step II: Advanced Gemology

This is the most technical section of our gemology course. Although this information is preliminary to the Practical Gemology articles, don’t hesitate to jump to the lessons on using the instruments in Step III. Gaining experience with gemological tools will help you with these advanced lessons.

Step III: Practical Gemology

Next, we recommend some articles of a practical nature. They focus on how to use gem identification instruments and conduct tests. These tools and tests take time to master. Take one instrument or procedure at a time and master it before moving on to the next one.

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Step IV: Gem Grading

So far, you’ve been studying gem identification. Now you’re ready to learn gemstone grading. The information in these articles is critical for properly describing and valuing gems. You’ll start with general information useful for grading all gemstones. Next, you’ll learn how to grade colored gemstones. Finally, diamonds and opals have special qualities that require their own grading procedures.

Step V: Advanced Gem Information

Once you understand gemstone properties, you’ll learn to distinguish natural from synthetic gems and to identify unique gemstones. Our Gem Listings are written in simple language and are intended for the novice.  You can also consult our handy reference charts. This is the last step in gem identification.

Step VI: Appraising

You’ve learned how gems differ from one another, how to identify them, and what properties determine their value.  Now you’ll apply what you’ve learned.  Actual jewelry appraisal is fairly simple after mastering gem identification and grading.

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