Blue Sapphire Origins

The origin of a sapphire plays an important role in its appraisal. Any mine can produce both fine and poor-quality gems, but some sources can add a premium to prices. Although a high-quality stone will receive a greater boost, even a low-quality stone can sell for more if it’s from a notable source.

If you believe you have a sapphire with a special origin, get a laboratory report to confirm it.

Sri Lanka

Most sapphires, past and present, come from Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. The term “Ceylon” is still commonly used to refer to these stones.

Because of their consistent abundance, Ceylon sapphires provide the basis for sapphire pricing. In the absence of a known origin, assume a sapphire came from Sri Lanka.


Madagascar is another important source of sapphires. Gems from this country have prices similar to those from Sri Lanka.


One of the most important sources of rubies, Myanmar has also produced fine sapphires. These stones can command a premium of up to 50% on market prices.


Kashmir sapphires have incredible colors and played a huge role in establishing the blue sapphire color standard. However, this deposit was always…