aquamarine with green hues - aquamarine buying guideaquamarine with green hues - aquamarine buying guide

Aquamarine Buying Guide

No gem evokes the blue-green colors of the sea like aquamarine. Our aquamarine buying guide can help you choose the best gemstone for your jewelry project.

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Commonly associated with sailors and the sea, some believe this gem has protective powers and can even bring good health. The modern March birthstone, aquamarine has become a popular gem for engagement rings, too. Watery blue to blue-green aquamarines make great additions to jewelry as well as gemstone collections.

Although these gems have a moderate price range, the best displays of their beautiful color require large stones. For buyers on a budget, synthetic pieces and alternative blue or blue-green stones may offer the best performance and value.

Aquamarine Buying and the Four Cs

The IGS aquamarine value listing has price guidelines for faceted and cabbed aquamarine.


Aquamarine, the beryl variety with blue to blue-green hues, gets its color from iron speciation in the crystal. Unlike other colored gemstones, aquamarine’s value comes primarily from its tone rather than hue and saturation. Darker tones fetch higher values, and dark stones with some grey will cost more than lighter stones.

Still, light-tone stones can be quite beautiful. Some connoisseurs even prefer gems a few shades lighter than the darkest aquamarines available. However, stones called “white aquamarine” are not aquamarine and should be labeled as goshenite or colorless beryl….

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