In many ways buying a faceting machine is like buying a car. You probably would like the fanciest and fastest car on the road but would settle for a second hand one you could buy on time with payments you could afford.

Buying a faceting machine has many of the same attributes, unfortunately you usually do not have the opportunity to test drive them, and with the exception of buying by credit card with the accompanying high rate of interest, will not be offered a time payment plan.

Obviously compromise is the name of the game. Do you buy for technical excellence, looks, price or some other reason you personally consider a deciding factor.

Over the years I have personally and progressively bought for economy, looks and finally what I consider technical excellence.

Regardless of all the “Bells and Whistles” money can buy, one thing I have learned well is that it is the person, not the machine that controls the final product – “a gem of beauty”

A good cutter can do a good job on most any machine while a poor cutter is just that and will probably never do a good job even on the best machines…