Picture of a sign with rough/andesine story

I want to clearly state that these are my opinions and observations in this article. I am sure some people will not agree with me and have differing opinions. But for what they are worth here is what I think on the subject of Andesine. In particular the Chinese and Congo material.

Is there such a thing as real Andesine? Yes, there is. I have seen legitimate material from well known miners and mines here in the USA. The material I have seen is from Oregon and been tested as Andesine. It is important to realize that there is some real material and that the Oregon Sunstone and/or Andesine needs to be judged seperately from the majority of the Andesine on the market that is questionable and coming from outside sources that are not verified. The Oregon Sunstone mines have been long established and are legitimate producers of material. That being said I am of the opinion that there is a skunk in the wood pile and much of what the gem market is selling as “natural untreated” Andesine stones is not what they are claiming.

*** November 2008***
The vast majority of the Andesine stones on the market now