Color Change in Garnet

The odds are pretty good that you will never see one like this unless you are just lucky. The pictures of this stone are only average, mainly because this stone was only on the market for a very brief time and I was not able to spend much time taking pictures (these are only snapshots).

A friend of mine in from Kenya had this stone (yes it is native cut, and terrible, I sure wish I had got to it first). This stone weighed 4.45 carats and was flawless. The color change on this stone is probably one of the best I have ever seen, and it is one of the most desirable color changes that there is. A Tanzanite blue/purple color to a hot purple/pink Rhodolite color and a 100% change (or very close). This stone was/is worth a small fortune, I know it was sold, I am not sure what the final price was.

These pictures give you a good idea of the color change, look at how much there is. The pictures are not color corrected, this stone really looked this way.

Color change Garnet in flourescent lightColor change Garnet in incandescent light