Oregon Sunstone Mining – Double Eagle Mining Company

Note: These picutes are compliments of John and Debra at Double Eagle Mining and Faceters.com.

Oregon High Desert/double eagle

Above: The high Oregon desert.

Home sweet home.

Above: The high Oregon desert, home sweet home for the summer digging season.


Above: Breaking ground at the Double Eagle.

Big pile of rocks.

Above: Big pile of rocks.


Above: The pit.


Above: The pit and the flow layers.


Above: Digging.

Big screen.

Above: Screening the big stuff.

Sorting the Sunstone.

Above: Shaking and screening the smaller rough onto the sorting table.

Sorting the Sunstone.

Above: Sorting the rough.

Looking at the Sunstone.

Above: Ahh, so… found one. Yep, that is a six shooter.

Sunstone Pit.

Above: The pit.

Sunstone Pit.

Above: Red/orange to green Sunstone.

Sunstone Pit.

Above: The same stone as above, only on the green axis. This mine is producing some of the strongest orange/red to bright green/teal/purple color shift Sunstone I have ever seen. Really beautiful material.

Sunstone Pit being dug.

Above: The beasts working the pit.

Sunstone Pit.

Above: Checking the pit.

Sunstone Pit.

Above: The pit is getting deep enough to reach the main Sunstone bubble/flow.

John and Debra.

Above: The real boss is checking up on the miners.

148 carat Sunstone.

Above: The boss and the 148 carat red/green/purple Sunstone.