Faceting Design Diagram: Saw Tooth Marquise – Tourmaline – Achroite, Dravite, Rubellite, Indicolite, Verdelite, Siberite

Tourmaline (Achroite, Dravite, Rubellite, Indicolite, Verdelite, Siberite)

Saw Tooth Marquise (MC30.JRG)
By Jeff R. Graham
Copyright 1998
77.2 Light Return
Angles for R.I. = 1.62
45 facets + 12 facets on girdle = 57
2-fold, mirror-image symmetry
96 index
L/W = 2.000 T/W = 1.380 T/L = 0.690
P/W = 0.442 C/W = 0.118
H/W = (P+C)/W+0.02 = 0.580
P/H = 0.762 C/H = 0.204
Vol./W^3 = 0.413

Addition # 4 – Almost no light is lost thru the pavilion except for the outside points on this design. It is not super bright, but with a 2.0 L/W and also a marquise, it is a lot better than most. It cuts bright and is very good for a lot of the long thin material(shaped crystals) that are available lately, 1-12cts. This also works in Garnet, Sapphire and Topaz.

Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler

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