You can find cutting instructions for Hammers here.

Cutting Remarks

Here’s an easy one to cut! The pavilion is quite basic. All the fun comes in the crown. I purposely tried to make another Mirage design when I designed this one, but it also had to be easy to cut. I think this design accomplished both goals. (Note: “Mirage” designs create illusions of facets in finished gems from reflections. See Jeff Graham’s Additions #9 and #10 faceting design books).  

Once again, a “second girdle” runs around the crown. Cut C4 and C5 just as you would the facets that establish the girdle: just go round and round. Better have the spiral set correctly.

The long sides of 96-24-48-72 give off a nice flash in person.

Polishing C6 to meet C1 goes very quickly, so be extra careful there.

Complete the table before working on C7. C7 can be adjusted no higher than 14°, but can be taken down to 11° if you like. Decreasing C7 towards 11° steadily increases the brightness of the stone, but not by too much.

My wife immediately appropriated the finished amethyst, which looks better in person.

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham