Product Review, Ultra Tec Faceting Machine

Ultra Tec Faceting Machine Review . The Ultra Tec has been referred to as the BMW of faceting machines. We had 1 tested by 3 people who own other brands.

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The Ultra Tec has been referred to as the BMW of faceting machines. We had one tested by three people who own other brands. Overall, everyone was impressed with the quality and accuracy of the machine. Only one of the evaluators was firmly convinced that his machine was clearly preferable to the Ultra Tec. The main objections had to do with how some of the adjustments are made and the difficulty cleaning the machine.

Testing Procedure

To get an accurate evaluation, the IGS had a new Ultra Tec sent to three experienced faceters who use other types of machines. Then the same review form was filled out by an Ultra Tec user. We found that each evaluator had their own opinions. Sometimes they contradict each other, which shows how subjective this kind of review can be.

Rather than apply a numerical value to their answers as Consumer Reports does, we are printing the entire text of their reports. A full report takes more time to read, but it conveys a lot more information. For anyone looking to invest a substantial amount of money in a faceting machine, this should be of great value.

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