A Note on Antique Gemstone Cuts

To determine if recutting is worthwhile, you’ll also need to know how to value old style cuts. Old mine and Old European cuts are no longer used. You won’t find them in pricing guides. For appraisal purposes, calculate their value after recutting. In contrast, the rose cut is an antique style that’s enjoying a resurgence of popularity.

What Makes Recutting Diamonds and Other Gems Worthwhile?

Generally, four situations make recutting diamonds and colored gemstones worthwhile:

  • Repairing damage
  • Increasing the clarity grade by removing inclusions
  • Re-proportioning to improve optical performance
  • Buying and repairing damaged diamonds

This article focuses primarily on recutting diamonds, since you’ll work with these gems most often. The final section deals with the differences between recutting colored stones and diamonds.

A 4.82-ct tanzanite, recut into a unique 3.90-ct custom cushion that fit the shape of the existing stone. Photo by CustomMade. Used with permission.

Recutting Diamonds to Repair Damage

You’ll see diamonds with all levels of damage. With a simple re-polishing, you can correct minor blemishes and finish faults. While you can repair some damaged stones simply by cutting a new facet, others will need complete recutting.

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