A Step-Cut Montana Sapphire Design

Watch lapidarist Jim Buday facet a step-cut Montana sapphire design. This version of the traditional cut produces a very bright color.

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International Gem Society instructor Jim Buday walks you through faceting a step-cut Montana sapphire. Watch this video preview of the amazing transformation from rough to polished gemstone.

Check out the full-length video on the International Gem Society YouTube Channel.

Jim Buday comments:

In this video, I'm faceting a blueish green Montana sapphire into a standard step cut with parallel bars on the pavilion in multiple tiers. This design is ideal for showcasing color in a classic fashion. Personally, I dislike how dark step cuts can appear in some materials. My personal version of this design reduces the blackout amount and gives the finished gemstone a bright, full-color direction. It also offers a high yield for long, blocky rough that might lose a significant amount of mass in a deep brilliant design.

Here's a quick look at the finished and polished gemstone:

About Jim Buday

Jim Buday was born and raised in Wisconsin. He founded the Reddit thread, Shinypreciousgems, which now sits at more than 25,000 members. Recently, Jim started creating his own gem designs. 

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step-cut Montana sapphire, table view
Polished step-cut Montana sapphire, table view. Photo © Jim Buday.

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