Montana, the Treasure State, produces nearly all of the sapphire in the United States. With rich cornflower blue Yogo sapphires and fancy-colored gems in any color of the rainbow, these stones are a great choice for any jewelry project. A nearby source and an assurance of ethical mining practices make Montana sapphires and Yogo sapphires popular with American consumers.

What are Montana Sapphires and Yogo Sapphires?

A Montana sapphire is, simply, a sapphire from Montana. Yogo sapphires are also Montana sapphires, but originate from a particular deposit known for its excellent cornflower blue color.

Both sapphires and rubies are gem-quality corundum. Rubies are the red variety, while all other colors are sapphires.

With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, only diamond can scratch a sapphire. Furthermore, sapphire doesn’t fracture easily, making it one of the best jewelry stones.

In terms of gem production in the United States, sapphire is commercially mined only in Montana. Fee digging sites in North Carolina also produce some sapphire, but only a small amount of sapphire occurs in North Carolina.

History and Geology of Montana Sapphires

Four areas of Montana produce gem-quality sapphire. In 1865, gold rush prospectors discovered sapphire in…