I enjoy creating new gemstone designs. Sometimes, I get a request from a jeweler or receive inspiration from a spectacular new piece of gemstone rough.  Sometimes, I just design a gemstone for fun. For the record, the Three Muses gemstone design is just for fun.

I’ve been playing with this design for over a year. It started with my inclination to do something with the number three. This desire stems from being a father of triplets.  My journey went through several stages. First, a three-sided stone seemed too edgy. Then, I rejected a three main facet pavilion after viewing it in GemRay. It had poor light return. Finally, I chose the option of combining/replacing the table with three low-angle facets.

I was very happy with the new design. I cut it in several types of gemstone material with increasingly progressive designs. After several escalating designs (each becoming more complex, up to 171 facets), I stopped designing and cutting variations on my triplet theme. The process of designing and selling this motif was fun and profitable. It became a favorite with my clients. The process was also educational because I could explore the nature of “variations on a theme.”

Pic 2