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Trendiest Yellow Gold Jewelry In 2021

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Yellow gold is back, and it is here to stay for a while. While you may cringe thinking of yellow gold as it makes you think of your grandparents’ old jewelry, that brassy yellow gold jewelry of the past has made way for a lighter, pretty yellow gold that you will see more and more. Yellow gold is slowly taking back market share where white gold used to dominate and with it have come some pretty great designs! From inset diamonds to creatively taking the traditional “up and down” setting of diamonds and placing them on their side, yellow gold is bringing in a whole new wave of creative, trendy, and dazzling diamond jewelry that you will be seeing all over this year. 
By Katy Tezak 5 minute read

Here are some of the top yellow gold jewelry trends for 2021…

Inset Diamonds

Gypsy-Set Round Diamond Eternity Band Angara
Find this Ring at AngaraA 14K yellow gold gypsy set round eternity band from Angara

Inset diamonds are popping up more and more. From bangles to rings, this style is hot right now but classic enough to stand the test of time. In addition, because the diamonds are set so low within the ring, they are ultra-secure and help protect the stones from falling out. This particular ring has diamonds all the way around set in 14K yellow gold, perfect for daily wear on its own or stacked with other styles. 

Bar Pendants

Prong-Set Diamond Vertical Bar Stud Earrings Angara
Find these Earrings at Angara14K yellow gold diamond vertical bar stud earrings from Angara.

Bar pendants have been popular for a while and now this elongated style is moving to earrings. These diamond vertical bar studs are petite enough for an everyday sparkle, but definitely still make a statement. These particular bar studs have a screw back to make sure they stay put. They feature 10 gorgeous diamonds in a variety of qualities to choose from so you can have style and still stay within your budget. 

Bezel Set Pendants

Bezel Set Pear-Shaped Diamond Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold (1/5 ct. tw.)
Find this Pendant at Blue Nile14K yellow gold bezel set pear-shaped diamond pendant from Blue Nile.

Bezel set diamond pendants have been popular for a long time now, and they are a necklace that goes with just about anything. If you are looking for an on-trend look though, try an alternative-shaped diamond instead of the standard round brilliant. Pear diamonds look great and this pendant nails the modern asymmetrical look with the stone on its side. 

East-West Set Diamonds

East-West Emerald-Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring Angara
Find this Ring at AngaraAn east-west cut diamond eternity band from Angara.

The “east-west” style has been popping up all over recently and the trend is continuing. The “east-west” style just means that the diamonds are sideways rather than their typical “up-and-down” look. The trend has continued into eternity bands like this one. Emerald-cut eternity bands are elegant, and the uniqueness of the sideways stones not only adds a pop but saves a bit of money too! 

Mismatched Earrings

Pave-Set Diamond XO Stud Earrings Angara
Find these Earrings at Angara14K yellow gold diamond XO stud earrings from Angara.

Mis-matched earrings are really making a comeback. The look is fresh, modern, and you can mix and match multiple different earring sets if you want. This X and O combination is a great alternative to the typical diamond hearts when you are looking for something a bit more unique. 

These 14K gold studs come in a variety of different carat weights and are fun, flirty, and perfect for a unique everyday stud. 

Floating Diamond Style

Floating Diamond Wedding Ring in 14k Yellow Gold (1/2 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
Find this Ring at Blue Nile14K yellow gold floating diamond ring from Blue Nile.

You may have noticed lately the “floating diamond” style showing up more and more. This trend has a few different terms but all it means is that there is a single shared prong between each of the stones. This particular setting really highlights each of the diamonds and can be seen with rounds, ovals, and marquise diamonds for a minimal, yet sparkly look. Obviously, a single prong can make people feel like the diamonds are less secure, but there are ways to make sure this style sticks with you for a long time. Stick with ½ way down rather than an eternity band and look for a “seat” of sorts below the diamonds like the ring above to protect your investment.

Combination of Round Brilliants and Baguettes

14K Yellow Gold Luxe Diamond Necklace James Allen
Find this Necklace at James AllenA 14K yellow gold luxe diamond necklace from James Allen.

Emerald-cut diamonds can get very pricey. Their cut is unique and elegant, but it is common to have to opt for a higher quality diamond because the step cut does not hide inclusions quite as well as the other brilliant cuts. The new trend is to create a combination of round brilliants and baguettes to create the perfect illusion for a larger emerald-cut. This necklace perfectly combines both cuts to not only create the larger look of an emerald-cut, but the addition of the small bezel round diamond gives a bit of asymmetry that is so popular right now. 

Elongated Shape on Top of a Pavé Ring

Diamond Pavé and Baguette Stacking Ring Blue Nile
Find this Ring at James Allen14K yellow diamond pave and baguette stacking ring from Blue Nile.

Another trend that incorporates the “east-west” style is putting an elongated shape on the top of a pavé ring. The petite style of the baguette perfectly compliments the brilliance of the round brilliant diamonds. This ring is also petite enough that it is perfect to mix and match with other styles. This stacking ring is 14K yellow gold and has about 1/4 CTW of diamonds on it. 

Link Bracelets

Diamond Link Bracelet 14k yellow gold blue nile
Find this Bracelet at Blue Nile14K yellow gold diamond link bracelet from Blue Nile.

Link bracelets are the perfect complement to any outfit. Add diamonds, and they are the perfect combination of sparkly and on-trend. This link bracelet features 14K yellow for classic durability and has almost 2-carats of brilliant sparkle. These links also provide the perfect contrast if you are looking to mix and match and can be easily taken from day to evening. This bracelet in particular gives you stunning bling and an on-trend statement for only $3,500. 

Paper Clip Style Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Link Pave Diamond Drop Earrings James Allen
Find these Earrings at James Allen14k yellow gold .20CTW diamond link earrings from James Allen.

People are continuing to see the “paperclip” style pop up. It first began with an actual gold paperclip, and then shifted to long, elongated gold links as a chain. That trend has continued into gorgeous elongated link earrings like this one. And they added diamonds to create an on-trend and sparkly look. The combination of the .20-carats of diamonds with solid gold is fun and flirty and looks great with both your work outfit or date night. 


Yellow gold jewelry is really making a comeback, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! The classic style of yellow gold perfectly compliments the modern designs shown above. Their contrast gives a luxe look and really highlights the diamonds set with it. Stack a few different designs together, or pair them with white gold for an updated and stylish look.