A Caveat About Buying Diamonds Online

There’s nothing like seeing a diamond in person to appreciate its splendor, and no better way to make sure what you see is what you get. For this and other reasons, some experts advise against buying a diamond online. Nevertheless, for those who want a pressure-and-hassle-free experience, online shopping may be the way to go.

For the Savvy Shopper: Rare Carat

Looking for a large center stone? Care about getting a good stone first and design second? Rare Carat, a price comparison database, is the site for you. It doesn’t sell diamonds. Instead, it shows diamonds currently sold by stores such as Zoara, Four Mine, Taylor & Hart, and Blue Nile.

Consumers start by entering their 4 Cs and budget requirements. Then, Rare Carat churns out all the results that match those specifications. Each result includes the retailer, the diamond’s color, cut, clarity, and carat grades, fluorescence, certification, and, most importantly, the price.

To make things easy, Rare Carat tells you whether each diamond listed is a good deal or not. Scrolling through the results, consumers can click on diamonds that interest them…