This princess-cut diamond has a VS2 clarity grade and looks great in its setting. © CustomMade. Used with permission.

No matter what clarity you choose, you must get a good, closeup look at your diamond before you buy. The magnified videos at James Allen and Blue Nile will really help you see a stone’s clarity imperfections and cut quality, so you can purchase the best diamond within your budget.

Working with a custom jeweler like CustomMade is another great way to find that perfect rock. Their experts can guide you through all the Four Cs and help you create a unique ring that matches your style perfectly.

What does VS2 Mean?

Diamond clarity grades range from Flawless (F) to Included (I). These grades indicate the size and number of the diamond’s imperfections and inclusions. Stones with higher grades have smaller and fewer flaws, while those with lower grades have larger or more numerous ones. VS stands for “Very Small” inclusions and ranks as a mid-range clarity grade for diamonds. VS clarity is further subdivided into two groups. VS1 has the fewest and smallest inclusions, while VS2 has more and larger inclusions.

However, a VS clarity doesn’t mean a stone’s quality