Yugawaralite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

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An overview on Yugawaralite Jewelry and Gemstones. Covers details and essential information on the physical properties and characteristics of Yugawaralite.

Yugawaralite Value

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Yugawaralite Information

Is a Variety ofZeolite
Crystallography Monoclinic: crystals tabular and very flat.
Refractive Index 1.495-1.504
Colors Colorless to white.
Luster Vitreous.
Fracture Conchoidal
Hardness 4.5
Specific Gravity 2.23-2.25.
Birefringence 0.009
Cleavage Imperfect
Stone SizesSuperb, Well-formed, colorless, transparent crystals up to 3 cm long occur at the Khandivali Quarry, Bombay, India, with physical properties close to the literature values for the mineral. A few colorless faceted gemstones have been cut from this exceptional and extremely rare material.
Luminescence None reported.
Absorption Spectrum None.
FormulaCaAl2Si6O16 · 4H2O.
Pleochroism None.
Optics = 1.495; β = 1.497; γ = 1.504. Biaxial (+).

Optics: a=1.495; β= 1.497; γ=1:504.

Biaxial (+).

Occurrence: In veins and crystals in volcanic rocks in Japan and in huge crystals in breccia cavities in India.

Yugawara Hot Spring, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Khandivali Quarry, near Bombay, India.

Alaska; Iceland; Sardinia; British Columbia.

Name: From the original Japanese locality.