Evaluating antique gemstone jewelry and examples of different styles of gemstone jewelry from various eras.

Etruscan motif – antique engagement rings
Antique Engagement Rings

You can find many amazing antique engagement rings from a variety of time periods. Before you shop, learn more about these styles and how to identify them.

En Tremblant Brooch - Georgian jewelry
A Guide to Antique Georgian Jewelry

Authentic Georgian jewelry is rare. Before you buy, learn about the notable pieces and qualities of this antique style, including its intricate metal work.

Early History of Jewelry: Ancient Times to the 17th Century

An early history of gems and jewelry, highlighting different cultures and their varied beliefs about the powers of gems and precious rocks.

Mesh Bracelet - Grand Period jewelry
A Guide to Mid-Victorian Grand Period Jewelry

The Mid-Victorian Period saw many changes in society and fashion. Learn what distinguishes Grand Period jewelry, particularly its opulent style and weight.

Double Heart Brooch - Aesthetic Period jewelry
A Guide to Late Victorian Aesthetic Period Jewelry

Late Victorian Aesthetic Period jewelry marked a turn from weighty opulence to more delicate designs. Learn more about this popular antique style.

Lava Cameo – Romantic Period jewelry
A Guide to Early Victorian Romantic Period Jewelry

The Romantic Period marked the start of the Victorian Era. Learn about the typical qualities of Romantic Period jewelry, including its sentimental motifs.

The History of Lapidary

A full and complete history of the lapidary arts, from 70,000 BC to present day. The origins of faceting, bruting, and carving.

Belle Époque jewelry inspired custom jewelry piece
A Guide to Belle Époque Jewelry

Belle Époque jewelry combined opulent but graceful metalwork with a variety of gems. Learn more about this style and how it inspires modern jewelry makers.

lapidary technology history FI - from Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy and Geology, John Mawe, London, 1821
Lapidary Technology Through the Ages: Laps and Polish

Early lapidary technology doesn’t differ from our modern tools as much as you might think. Learn more about the history of laps, polish, and gem cutting.