Lesson 6: Sapphire Symbolism

Sapphire symbolism encompasses diverse subjects in many cultures. Traditionally, people have prized these gems for their celestial blues and violets. These beautiful colors have helped the stone garner many mystical associations. However, you can actually find the beautiful September birthstone in any color, except red. Both sapphire and ruby belong to the corundum family and share exceptional hardness and durability. Both make excellent jewelry stones. However, by gemological definition, red corundum is ruby. All other hues are sapphire.

So if sapphire lore appeals to you, you can indulge a wide range of colors or stick to traditional blues.

Classic Sapphire Symbolism

People have long connected celestial blue sapphires with the planet Venus. By extension, sapphires also represent Friday, the day dedicated to Venus. Springtime also falls under sapphire’s symbolic rubric. In differing zodiacal systems, the gemstone covers both Taurus and Gemini.

The Ancient Greeks associated sapphire with …

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