In my article on advanced cutting techniques for cabochons, I covered cutting ridges and concave curves. With those two techniques, we’ve already started cabochon carving, without the need for extra equipment. Now you’re ready to take the next step. With a few additions to your toolkit, you’ll soon bring a new dimension to your lapidary skills.

Some people shy away from carving because they think it’s too difficult or time consuming. OK, maybe you don’t have the talent to carve the likeness of a person. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from adding simple curves and accents to some of your gemstone creations. In truth, cabochon carving doesn’t take a lot of time. Most of the following carvings were done in less than an hour. When you consider the overall increase in value carving can bring to a gem, it becomes more than worthwhile. Cabochon carving can also help you turn leftover rough and junk stones, including included pieces, into fine gems that can be as valuable as clean, faceted stones.

Tools For Cabochon Carving

Only a few simple tools and accessories are required. Any flex shaft will do. You can also use a standard Dremel type tool, though they’re…