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Buying Guide for 2022: Diamond Bangle Bracelets

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A diamond bangle is similar to the standard diamond tennis bracelet, the difference is going to be that a bangle is structured. A lot of bangles nowadays also come with a hinge on the side for an easier “on-off” experience as well as a closer fit around the wrist. Just like diamond tennis bracelets, they come in all styles and prices. Traditional styles are always a good place to start with their smaller pave. If you want to be a bit trendier, you can get stationed designs that look more expensive than they actually cost. If you are shooting for some big bling, combine larger and smaller sized melee for a sparkly style without putting too much pressure on your wallet. No matter what you choose though, great deals can be found in quite a few places when looking for diamond bangles.  
By Katy Tezak 6 minute read
14K Yellow Gold Baguette Diamond Bangle James Allen
Find this Bangle at James AllenA 14K yellow baguette diamond bangle from James Allen.

Things to consider

There are a few things to consider when shopping for a diamond bangle bracelet. First, the diamonds in a bangle are not scrutinized like they would be a diamond ring. Due to this fact, it is not necessary to spring for ultra-premium diamonds. Most bangle diamonds will be in the near-colorless range and SI or I1 clarity, which is very reasonable. If the diamonds on your bracelet are slightly larger, SI may be a bit better because you won’t risk seeing inclusions. However, if you have more of a pave look, I1 clarity should be just fine. Don’t go lower than I1, though, on the clarity scale unless you have seen the bracelet first. With that being said, here is where you can find the best deals on diamond bangle bracelets. 

Best Deals for the Traditional Style

14K White Gold Pave Diamond Bangle (.50 CTW.) James Allen
Find this Bangle at James AllenA 1/2 CTW diamond pave bangle from James Allen.

This traditional white gold pave bangle from James Allen is a great deal for someone who is looking for dainty sparkle, or who wants to see how well they like wearing a diamond bangle. For a little over $1,600, you get 1/2-carat of petite pave diamonds that are near colorless and I1 in clarity. The diamonds are also concentrated on the top half of the bangle, ensuring that you show off all 57 dazzling diamonds at once. 

14K Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Bangle ( 2 CTW.) James Allen
A 2 CTW diamond pave bangle from James Allen.

This gorgeous, 14K yellow gold pave diamond bangle features 2-carats and an eternity style for 360 degrees of diamonds. This bangle does not have a hinge but is thin enough for easy on and off. A bangle like this is perfect for layering and comes in white or yellow gold to match the rest of your jewelry. By choosing this bangle over one of its major competitors, you get double the carat weight for $400 less by just going down from SI2 clarity to I1 – definitely a steal! 

Diamond Bangle in 14k Rose Gold (1 1/2 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
Find this Bangle at Blue Nile14K rose gold diamond bangle from Blue Nile.

If you prefer to keep more carat weight on top of your bangle, this option from Blue Nile is perfect. Each diamond is traced in a thin band of rose gold to create extra dimension and highlight the stones. It also adds a bit of protection, which is always helpful when you are dealing with bracelets. The hinge also has an extra safety to keep all 1.5-carats of diamonds firmly on your wrist. This is available in 14K rose gold for $3,500. 

Best Deals for Station Bangles 

Diamond Station Bangle Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold (1/4 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
Find this Bangle at Blue Nile14K yellow gold diamond station bangle from Blue Nile.

Gold diamond stationed bangles like these continue to rise in popularity for their similar look to a high-end designer bangle. If you’re willing to give up the name brand, you can get this style at a very good price. This hinged 14k yellow gold bracelet has 7 inset diamonds and a safety clasp to protect your investment. For under $1,500 and the option for white or yellow gold, this is a classic design that you can take from work to a night out with the girls. 

Diamond Trio Station Bangle in 14k Yellow (5/8 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
Find this Bangle at Blue Nile14K yellow gold diamond trio station bangle from Blue Nile.

For a bangle that adds a touch of modern sparkle, consider this diamond trio station bangle from Blue Nile. It features 5 stations of diamonds for a total of 5/8 CTW. The thinner bangle ensures that most of your focus is on the stations of diamonds, rather than the gold and has a hinge for easy “on and off”. The look is this bangle is great on its own or would look great with a more traditional bangle for a gorgeous and contrasting look for only $2,300. 

Best Deals for Bigger Bling Bangles

Lucille Diamond Rollover Bangle Bracelet in 18k White Gold (3.1 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
Find this Bangle at Blue NileAn 18K white gold diamond rollover bangle from Blue Nile.

One of the best ways to add extra bling, without creating a huge dent in your wallet, is to add more, but smaller diamonds. This rollover bangle bracelet features 3 rows of dazzling stones set into 18K white gold. You also have slightly upgraded stones, at H color, SI2 clarity for a total of 3.1-carats. All of the diamonds are concentrated on the top of the bangle to ensure you see them all dazzling at once and comes in at only $6,650, a great deal for this higher-end bangle. 

Diamond Triple Row Diamond Bangle in 14k White Gold (2 3/4 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
Find this Bangle at Blue NileA 14K white gold triple row diamond Bangle from Blue Nile.

If you want a bit more dimension in the bangle, rather than all pave, this 14k white gold bangle is a great choice. You still have 3 rows of diamonds, but the center row is slightly larger and then bordered on each side by petite pave. The bangle is slightly heavier as well, making it more durable and protecting the stones a bit more. This bangle nets you 2.75-carats of dazzling diamonds for $6,400. 

Best Deals on Baguette Bangles

14K White Gold Baguette Diamond Bangle James Allen
Find this Bangle at James AllenA 14K white gold baguette diamond bangle from James Allen.

If you like the idea of a diamond bangle, but want to do something a little less traditional, consider swapping out the round brilliant diamonds for baguette diamonds. The step cut of baguettes offers an elegant alternative that is still a sparkly and classic design. Because baguettes are a clearer step cut, it is wise to opt for at least eye-clean clarity. This bangle is 14k white gold with SI1 clarity stones that are at the higher end of the near-colorless spectrum for $2,620. 

Round and Baguette Diamond Bangle in 14k White Gold (2 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
Find this Bangle at Blue Nile14K white gold diamond round and baguette bangle from Blue Nile.

This last bangle is truly the best of both worlds, combining the elegance of the baguette-cut with the brilliance and fire of the round brilliant. You get 2 carats of dazzling stones with much higher-end specs at H color and VS2 clarity. The border of round brilliant stones gives you great light return and balances out the bangle. This luxurious design is available in 14k white gold for $6,100. 


If you are a bracelet fan, diamond bangles can be a great addition to your collection. Their structured design is a nice contrast to tennis bracelets and they feature a myriad of designs and prices. When shopping for a bangle, make sure it either has a clasp with a safety or an easy “on-off” design – no one likes to struggle to get their bracelet on! You also do not have to go crazy high on diamond quality to get a beautiful look.  SI or I1 clarity and near-colorless diamonds ensure you get a beautiful look without paying a high premium. All these bracelets mentioned above are great options to start with and you can feel confident in both the quality and prices of these beautiful bangles.