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How to Buy a Great Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire pendants are a wardrobe staple and look great dressed up or down. 

For timeless elegance, you can go classic with a simple basket setting on a cable chain. For a bit of flair, you can choose a different diamond shape or add a design to the setting. There are a variety of options to fit any budget. From the dainty sparkle of a 1/4-carat stone to a show-stopping blue diamond solitaire, you have more options today than ever before. 

Any pendant with just a single diamond can have a solitaire design. These designs vary so much that there’s a style for everyone. Let’s look at this year’s top solitaire pendant styles.

By Katy Tezak 4 minute read

The Classic Diamond Solitaire Pendant

14K White Gold Four Prong Basket Solitaire Lab Created Diamond Pendant James Allen
A 1/2-carat white gold solitaire pendant from James Allen

You can’t go wrong with this basket solitaire diamond pendant from James Allen. The diamond appears to be “floating” on the chain. This unique look ensures that all of the attention remains on the center stone. The diamond in this design weighs a 1/2 carat and can range in price from $810 for a lab-grown stone to $1,700 for a mined stone, depending on color and clarity

Diamond Solitaire Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold Blue Nile
A 3/4-carat yellow gold double bail solitaire from Blue Nile

When most people think of a solitaire diamond pendant, they think of this style. Most jewelry companies feature this classic double bail design in their creations. This 14k yellow gold pendant from Blue Nile features a 3/4-carat mined diamond that starts at around $1,800 for I color and I1 clarity

14K White Gold Bezel Diamond Pendant James Allen
A 1/2-carat white gold bezel solitaire pendant from James Allen

Another classic style that’s trending this year is the bezel-set solitaire. Many people like the way a bezel setting protects the diamond but worry that it will impair the stone’s performance. However, the thinness of this bezel doesn’t detract from the stone’s sparkle. This white gold bezel pendant from James Allen features a 1/2-carat mined diamond with H/I color and SI clarity. There’s also beautiful metalwork on the back and side of the bezel for an extra touch of detail. 

A Modern Take on Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Bezel Set Pear-Shaped Diamond Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold Blue Nile
A 1/5-carat, pear-shaped, bezel-set solitaire from Blue Nile

Love the idea of a solitaire pendant but want to give it a modern flair? Instead of the traditional round brilliant, try a different diamond shape. For example, this pendant with a sideways, bezel-set stone from Blue Nile makes a wonderful update to a classic design. It features a pear-shaped, 1/5-carat mined diamond, perfect either layered or set by itself for a dainty look.

14K White Gold Oval Shape Diamond Solitaire Pendant James Allen
A 14k white gold pendant with a 1/2-carat oval-shaped solitaire from James Allen

Some diamond shapes offer additional benefits. Oval diamonds tend to look larger than rounds with the same carat weight and still have the brilliant cut to make a sparkly statement. This 14k white gold pendant from James Allen features an oval-shaped, 1/2-carat diamond. It ranges in price from $1,500 to $1,800, depending on the clarity.

14K White Gold Milgrain Bezel Diamond Pendant James Allen
A 1/2-carat white gold milgrain bezel pendant from James Allen

This stunning 14k white gold diamond necklace from James Allen adds modern touches to the bezel setting itself. It combines the bezel and a smaller double bail for an updated and unique look. The bezel also features small milgrain around its edge. The 1/2-carat mined diamond starts at $1,360 with H/I color and SI clarity.

With Diamond Solitaire Pendants, More is More

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Blue Diamond Round Solitaire Pendant Necklace Blue Nile
A 1/2-carat lab-grown blue diamond solitaire from Blue Nile

To really make a statement with your solitaire pendant, choose a colored diamond. Fancy colored diamonds, like blues, pinks, and greens, occur more rarely in nature than white diamonds. They can also far exceed white diamonds in price. If you don’t have the budget for these natural stones, you can opt for a lab-created and/or color-enhanced diamond. This white gold pendant from Blue Nile features a 1/2-carat, lab-grown diamond with a gorgeous, enhanced aqua blue color. The necklace costs $750. 

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Diamond Round Solitaire Pendant Necklace in 14k White Gold Blue Nile
A 1-carat lab-grown diamond solitaire pendant from Blue Nile

Lab-created diamonds will also help you get a great deal on a larger stone. This solitaire pendant from Blue Nile features a 1-carat, kite-set, lab-created diamond with a short bail on an 18-inch cable chain. Blue Nile doesn’t provide the exact color and clarity for this diamond but guarantees it will have, at least, J color, VS2 clarity, and a cut grade of Very Good for only $1,100.  This pendant gives you a great diamond with a ton of sparkle. 

A .80-carat “signature” floating diamond pendant from Blue Nile

Solitaire pendants are also a wonderful opportunity to showcase an exceptional diamond with a striking design. This floating diamond pendant comes from Blue Nile’s “Signature” collection, which offers premium diamonds and jewelry. The 0.80-carat round seems to float on a white gold wheat chain. Blue Nile also guarantees a minimum F color and VS clarity as well as their Ideal cut quality for maximum sparkle and brightness.

The Final Word

Diamond solitaire pendants are a must-have jewelry staple. You have so many options to choose from that it’s easy to find a pendant that will match your style. Keep it classic with a “floating” solitaire with a small bail or change it up with an alternative diamond shape or fancy color to add a touch of flair. Solitaire pendants make great gifts for your significant other, sure to be worn for years to come. They also make great treats for yourself!