Fancy Colored Pink Diamond Buying Guide

With only a few produced each year, pink diamonds are among the rarest gems on the planet. Whether delicately or intensely colored, these diamonds make stunning jewelry stones. Most of these gems are unearthed in Australia, where Argyle produces small but intensely colored pink diamonds. Other sources produce larger stones, though generally less intensely colored.

If you’re considering buying a pink diamond, read on to learn about the grading and quality factors for these gems. Fancy colored pink diamond buying considerations differ greatly from those of white diamonds.

Fancy Colored Pink Diamond Buying and the Four Cs

The IGS colored diamonds value listing has price guidelines for irradiated pink diamonds.


While cut is the most important value factor for colorless diamonds, color is the most important aspect for evaluating fancy colored diamonds. Hue, tone, and saturation constitute the three components of color.


Any pink diamond has a pink primary hue. However, diamonds with a pure pink hue are extremely rare and will command the highest prices of all pink diamonds. (Strictly speaking, pink is a light-toned red. However, gemological laboratories do certify pink as a hue in diamond).

Brown, orange, yellow, and purple secondary hues may be …

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