The Pros and Cons of an Oval-Cut Diamond Ring

When choosing between an oval or round diamond, consider the following factors.

First — style! While oval-cut diamonds may have a classic look, round brilliant diamonds are timeless. However, ovals and other fancy shapes have become trendy for engagement rings in recent years. When aligned with the finger, an oval shape has an attractive lengthening effect. On the other hand, East-West rings, with the oval aligned perpendicular to the finger, are gaining popularity and show off a unique style.

If you can go stylistically with either oval or round, then an oval-cut diamond is well worth considering. The shape of the diamond directly impacts price and face-up size. This means that an oval cut can cost at least 25% less than a round cut of the same weight. Since the oval diamond has a larger surface, it will actually appear bigger than a round.

However, purchasing an oval-cut diamond has one major downside. Round brilliants can be ideal, with nearly all the light entering a diamond reflecting back to your eye. Ovals just can’t do this. Every oval-cut diamond will show a bowtie across the middle — some prominent, some…