Cubic Zirconia Polishing Survey Results

cubic zirconia polishing - baguette cut gem
Cubic zirconia (CZ) can occur naturally as the mineral baddeleyite. However, the synthesized material ranks as the most popular diamond simulant, primarily due to its low manufacturing cost. Synthetic CZ is available in many colors, including colorless. Although its hardness and dispersion differ from diamond, a well-cut CZ can make a convincing and attractive substitute. “Baguette, Double Side Checkerboard Cut CZ” by Michelle Jo. Licensed under CC By 3.0.

Editor’s Note: Some years ago, the International Gem Society (IGS) conducted a survey of members’ polishing techniques. Here, you’ll find the results for cubic zirconia polishing. Whether you’re just starting to learn the art of gem cutting or just looking for a new way to tackle a problematic gem material, we hope these results provide some useful suggestions.

For more information about the survey or to find results for more gemstones, click here.

Polishing Techniques

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