Recommended Gems for Frosted Star-Cut Designs

I designed these variations years ago, then lost them in a computer crash. I’ve recreated them from memory and had them cut again (so I wouldn’t have to rely on just my memory for how they performed). The designs were cut in a sky blue topaz and a fairly dark tourmaline.

The topaz came out beautifully. The gem had brilliance all the way across the top, and the star was exceptionally visible. However, the tourmaline was a disappointment. It was so dark after faceting that it took a lot of light to see the design.

I recommend using these designs (at least, as written) only on gems with light to medium saturation. If you have a large and dark gem that needs a shallow cut, apply the ““keep your distance” rule” and lower the angles as much as you need. Since you’re cutting to show off the star, it’ll be effective even if the gem windows.

Frosted Facet Cutting Advice

Take special care when cutting the frosted facets. All you’re doing here is removing a small amount of material off a facet edge. It’s really easy to over-cut these facets! I…