Gemray or GemrayX Head shadow or not?

I have said that I prefer Gemray and do not like the light models in GemrayX, particularly the head shadow or ray trace. These are my own personal opinions and preferences. A few notes. On the head shadow, I am trying to put it in average person terms. Basically I think head shadow as shown by GemrayX and some “experts” is just incorrect. Or maybe their assumptions of how much head shadow will show is what’s wrong.

My main point is that the GemrayX ray trace (head shadow) is not what a finished gemstone looks like. Gemray in all 3 light models is pretty close. GemrayX with head shadow is not close at all in most cases. The point really is that the Gemray models are accurate and what the average cutter will see in real life. In other words it is accurate enough to pick designs using it.

Nothing is perfect in life and these are all just computer models. You have all heard me say the real proof is in a cut stone of the design and a picture of that cut stone. But the Gemray light models will give a