Common Emerald Treatments

Personally, I don’t have any problems with people treating gemstones and selling them in the trade, as long as they disclose the treatments. Nevertheless, some of these emerald treatments are very questionable and I don’t recommend them. Of course, others have no issues with them, especially emerald dealers.

Oil Treatments

Oiling gemstones to fill internal fractures is a common practice. Many different oils are used for emerald fractures. For example, using colorless cedarwood oil is a supposedly acceptable practice. Colored oils are also used.

I have definite issues with oiling gemstones. Although many others in the trade will tell you it’s fine, I don’t consider this an acceptable practice. I would advise against buying any oiled gemstones.

Why do I say this?

Oil Hides Flaws and Improves Colors

Of course, this is why the treatment is done in the first place. However, these concealed flaws could make the stone more fragile than it appears. It may even be unsuitable for jewelry use.

Dealers Probably Won’t Tell You How Much the Stone Was Improved

Why not? Because they can’t. Oiling often takes place long before dealers and vendors acquire the stone. Assuming they’re honest, they just…