Gemstone Treatments

All about gemstone treatments including heating, bleaching, surface coating and more.

Gemstone Treatments

  • Center-fused Color Treated Gemstones
    Center-fused Color Treated Gemstones

    Earlier this year a new gem treatment was introduced. Developed by Sithy Gems and Lapidary, in Sri Lanka, it is a new twist on enhanced gems. They call it “center-fused color treatment,” which at first sounds confusing. However, a little…

  • leadg6a
    Corundum Treatments 

    Introduction Since the supply of fine quality rubies and sapphires is limited, many techniques have been developed to enhance their appearance. In fact, no other gem species is subjected to as many types of treatment as corundum. Heat treatment…

  • One of the most difficult separations for a gemologist to make is between scapolite and citrine.  “Scapolite, mica var. phlogopite” by Géry Parent is licensed under CC By-ND 2.0
    Difficult Gemstone Separations 

    Step 3: Practical Gemology Lesson 28 Back to syllabus While some gems are fairly easy to distinguish, others present greater challenges to gemologists. Two of the most difficult gemstone separations to make are scapolite from…

  • 10411031_772770529466651_4381378196107251911_n
    Disclosing Enhancements: A Gemologist’s Guide 

    Step 3: Practical Gemology Lesson 26 Back to syllabus Disclosing enhancements is one of the most important responsibilities gemologists face. In fact, many countries are passing stricter laws about revealing gemstone…

  • Testing for Surface Treated Gems 

    Step 3: Practical Gemology Lesson 16 Back to syllabus Because surface treated gems are so common, it is important to know which treatments you are likely to encounter as well as how to test for them. Diffusion treatment, which…

  • dye
    Identifying Inclusions Found in Enhanced Gems 

    Step 2: Advanced Gemology Lesson 11 Back to syllabus Assembled Stones It is common to glue two or three pieces of material together to make a single stone. Opals are frequently formed as doublets, a thin layer of opal on…

  • “Aquamarine Crystal” by greyloch is licensed under CC By-SA 2.0
    A Beginner’s Guide To Common Gemstone Heat Treatments 

    Step 2: Advanced Gemology Lesson 6 Back to syllabus Gemstone heat treatments can turn mediocre pieces into items of great beauty. Heating a gem to a specific temperature and then cooling it is a common procedure in the gem…

  • askjeff-images-aqua_cry7
    Aquamarine Color and Heat Treatment

    One of the most popular misconceptions about aquamarine is that its color should be just blue. Most consumers do prefer a dark blue aquamarine color. However, natural, untreated aquamarine is gemologically described as a transparent, blueish…

  • Muzo Emerald
    Are all Emeralds Treated?

    The answer is that not all Emeralds are treated, but the vast majority of them are. It’s like the heat treating of Sapphires… Assume they are treated until proven other wise. There are a lot of treatments being done on Emeralds. I do not in…

  • gem buyers - custom cut tourmalines
    How Can Gem Buyers Protect Themselves from Fraud?

    Two major problems plague the cut gemstone market: undisclosed gem treatments and substitutions of synthetic for natural gems. Gem buyers need to know these practices occur every day. They must learn how to protect themselves from fraud.

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