Inspired by buttons from the 1920s, the Button gem design is easy to cut.
By Jeff R. Graham 0 minute read
Button - diagram

Button gem design by Jeff Graham © 2000.

You can find cutting instructions for Button here.

Cutting Remarks

Button - Nigerian tourmaline

An approximately 7.06-ct, 12 mm x 6.06 mm deep Button, cut from a flawless Nigerian peach tourmaline by Jeff Graham.

I found a container of old shell and mother of pearl buttons from the 1920s. Some were hand faceted and had interesting dome shapes. I thought it would be nice to reproduce them as gemstones. So, I designed the “Button.”

Cutting this design is simple. It’s basically a round brilliant variation with a very high light return. I prefer it in a larger size (8 mm or greater) and in lightly colored material. It has very nice sparkle and will also deepen light colors quite a bit.

Enjoy cutting your own “Button.”

Button - array

Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler