So You Wanna Cut Something New? Gem Faceting Advice

When you finish, the experience of faceting a gemstone you’ve never worked before usually falls into one of four categories:

  1. Wonderful! Beautiful! I’ve just GOT to get some more of this stuff!
  2. That wasn’t so hard. Looks pretty good, too.
  3. Whew! I’m finally done.
  4. I NEVER want to see that #&$@* stuff again!

While I’m a relatively new faceter, over the years I’ve experienced each category roughly an equal number of times. When I started, I had a great many more category four experiences. Lately, I’ve enjoyed more category ones. Experience will always be our best teacher. However, I must admit, I would have preferred to learn from some experiences second hand. For those just beginning to learn the art and craft of gem cutting, I offer some faceting advice. Hopefully, these notes will raise the odds that your first experience cutting a new gem material will be satisfying.


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