How to re-cut, re-polish and repair gemstones to bring out their best qualities.

BEFORE: A poorly executed native cut
Before and After Pictures of Re-cut, Re-polished, or Repaired Gems

Before and After Pictures of Re-cut, Re-polished, or Repaired Gems. A great lapidary can really do wonders and add a lot of value.

spinel after recutting - recutting gems
How it Works: Recutting Gems to Maximize Value

Recutting gems that have been poorly cut, whether commercially or native, can add significant value. See how precision custom cutting can transform a gem.

faceting mistakes - tourmaline
How To Correct Faceting Mistakes

Faceting mistakes can cost gem cutters time and money. Learn some techniques for fixing common errors and making your repairs look like intentional designs.

Repair Work on Gemstones

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See what his answer is to Should I do repair work on gemstones, what is your opinion?

recutting diamonds - VS1 diamond
Recutting Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

When is recutting diamonds and other gems worthwhile for a professional gemologist? Learn how to make this determination and avoid potential problems.

commercial vs custom gem cutting
Why Custom Gem Cutting Makes a Difference

How does commercial cutting stack up to custom gem cutting? Compare these two similar rhodolite garnets in four key ways and see the difference.