Lesson 7: Topaz Symbolism

Through the ages, topaz’s most popular and enduring mystical association has been with wealth. However, topaz symbolism and lore has also covered many other areas, such as health, love, and astrology. It’s also the November birthstone.

Topaz’s Golden Touch

Before the 20th century, all yellow, brown, and orange transparent gems were called topazes. Modern gemology has defined topaz as a distinct gem species, chemically and physically. Although topazes come in many colors, such as rare pinks and reds, many people still associate these gems with yellow.

Most likely due to this color, some believed topaz had the mystical ability to attract gold. In particular, topazes set in gold purportedly did this most adeptly. Evidently. Presumably, esteem follows wealth, as topaz has been associated with royalty, too. In the Middle Ages, carved gemstones were believed to be natural wonders possessing special powers. For example, in the …

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