Quartz (Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine, Smokey, Rose)

88s Jeff Graham Facet Design1 88s Jeff Graham Facet Design2

88″s (BEAD17.JRG)
By Jeff R. Graham
Copyright 2007
Angles for R.I. = 1.54
82 facets
8-fold, mirror-image symmetry
96 index
L/W = 1.000 T/W = 0.244 T/L = 0.244
H/W = 0.916
Vol./W^3 = 0.449





Addition # 14 – NOTE: A temporary girdle can be cut using the P1 settings. This is easy to cut and works well in small to medium sized material.

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler